Sunday, December 26, 2010

Official UFO

I had looked forward to receiving that issue of Official UFO.  The photo on the cover was taken 6 days before I was born, which was cool for some reason that I am not quite sure of.  The cover story also promised to expose the lies we've been told about Astronauts and UFOs.  So imagine my great disappointment when it arrived and I found out that cover story was written by James Oberg and is just a long debunking piece!

Compared to other vintage flying saucer magazines, Official UFO pretty much sucks.  Not just that issue, none of the others I received in that lot seem to be any better.  I suppose if I found another big lot of them really cheap on ebay I would buy more, but I would much rather have Flying Saucer Magazine or UFO Report.


  1. Lesley, you can't mean that you prefer being lied to, do you? Sad...


  2. Frankly, I would rather read a long article that I had no belief in, but was entertaining, than some long and boring debunking article.

  3. Thanks for being honest. Clearly our interests differ. You like UFO stories because they entertain you. I like to research UFO reports because something worthwhile might be behind sdome of them, and the bunk has to be cleared away. For you, the bunk is a feature, not a bug.

    Jim O

  4. That is pretty much it. I know UFOs exist because I have seen them, but trying to prove what they are or where they come from is of no interest to me. Being that I live near KAFB, most I have seen are probably some sort of military craft or something of that sort. Obviously, still unidentified to me and it is that mystery that I like.

  5. Lesley states honestly what others don't: UFO fandom doesn't want facts, it wants stories.