Monday, December 6, 2010

Saga's UFO Report, August 1977

A fantastic illustration of a flying saucer near the WTC towers, back when they were still standing.  It goes along with an article called Saucers over our Cities, by Timothy Green Beckley.

In the same magazine is another article (or what I think is a reoccurring column) by Tim Beckley, called Saucers and Celebrities.  It had an account of a celebrity sighting that I had never heard before, though it may be in one of Tim's many books.  Musician Billy Squier had a sighting of what seems to be the BVM.  He and 3 others guys noticed a glow in the woods and went to investigate "a strange figure appeared out of nowhere in the midst of the glow."  Billy said, "The figure was that of a woman and I would say she looked something like a Madonna --- you know, like a holy statue."  The figure remained stationary for 30 seconds or so and then just disappeared.

Another great thing about this issue is the illustrations on a piece about "Florida's Bigfoot Terror."  Probably they are available online somewhere, but I am going to post them here anyhow:

From what I can tell by comparing the signature the drawings seem to have been done by Gabe Perillo, who is now the official artist of ESPN's Sports Century Series.

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