Thursday, December 9, 2010

Saga's UFO Report, March 1977 & The Mafia

As mentioned in the previous post, Tim Beckley did a lot of writing for UFO Report.  Yesterday he told me something interesting -- it was owned by the mafia!  He couldn't remember which family, but I did a search on the publishing company which was Gambi Publishing.  I found that the Gambino family owned a book publishing company called Gambit, so I think that is probably who it was.  Tim said, "you had to go through a meat slaughter house to get to their office."  How stereotypical!  LOL!

That said, UFO Report, which is sometimes Saga UFO Report, Saga's UFO Report or just UFO Report was a really great magazine with well written and very interesting articles.  I already have more vintage copies on the way.


  1. Hi i wanted to shed some light on this article. The family who published this magazine had no mafia affiliation whatsoever. I know this because George gambella was the publisher and turned a slaughter house into a multi million dollar printing company from nothing. I can see how someone could get confused from the last name and especially because he was as Italian as they come the company was at first called gambi publishing or part of the company because his daughter had a beloved horse named gambi who was there first horse born on their property In upstate ny the company was Web offset and he was a legitimate business man until the day he died in 2007 I have many issues of the magazine from 1975 he retired and sold company in the late 80s I know all this because believe it or not I am his grandson I was happy to find this because besides eBay I could not.find any information about the magazine or its connection to my family and when I saw this I almost died and I had to correct it hope you enjoy his work thanks, jason

  2. I am George Gambella's daughter. He was the printer and publisher of this magazine and many others (Gambi Publications). I don't know where Mr. Beckley gets his information from, but he is very wrong, and should not be assuming anything without fact.

  3. I'd like to make searchable PDF versions of this publication freely available online. Does anyone (particularly any of George Gambella's relatives that have commented above) happen to know who now owns the copyright? (By way of brief introduction, I'm a barrister in England afflicted with an interest in various issues related to "UFOs". It is my fond hope that making UFO source materials freely available online as searchable PDFs may help improve the quality of modern online discussions of these issues. I've previously helped get over 20 different UFO publications online - with the permissions of the copyright holders - as well as official UFO documents and other material). All the best, Isaac. (

  4. Further to my earlier post, I've now looked at the 1983 "annual" issue of "UFO Report". It seems that the publication had been sold by Gambi Publications to "Lexington Library Inc" by then. This ties in with information on the webpage below. So, now I have to find that Lexington Library Inc (if it still exists in some shape or form...).

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